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Endeavor Awards: ‘Amelia Earhart’ Adagio, Red Bull Helicopter, Astronaut-Guided Tours

Compassionate volunteer pilots fly patients, animals, wounded warriors and special needs kids to camps. Plus, environmental surveys and disaster relief. Using their own planes and fuel!

The inaugural  Endeavor Awards event is staged for launch on May 4, 2014 to honor the true heroes of flying. The first three Endeavor Award Winners were chosen from nominations from volunteer pilot organizations (VPOs) nationwide. Their awards will be announced and bestowed on awards night, May 4 in the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Pavilion at the California Science Center.

These compassionate men and women have distinguished themselves by flying people to medical care, rescuing and relocating animals, transporting wounded warriors, surveying environmental impacts, assisting in the wake of disasters, and taking special needs kids to camps,” said Mark Wolper, President & Executive Producer of the Wolper Organization at Warner Bros. and Chair of the Endeavor Awards Host Committee. “Throughout the evening of awards, we will experience the dramatic and heart-warming stories of people whose lives were saved and protected by these generous pilots.

Leading Gala Sponsors on behind-the-scenes tours of the Endeavour and its successful shuttle missions is a team of current and former Astronauts: Randy Bresnik, Daniel Bursch, Drew Feustel, Tammy Jernigan, Charlie Precourt, Scott Parazynski, Kent Rominger, George Zamka, and Jeff Wisoff.

Opening the show with graceful daring will be German performer Crystalle, who will soar through her “Adagio for Amelia Earhart” before the crowd of 400 celebrants. This performance is an homage to the legendary female pilot Amelia Earhart who in 1932, was the first woman to fly single handed across the Atlantic. With this amazing feat, Amelia Earhart embodied self-confidence, strength and an ability to plan down to the smallest detail combined with an incredible lust for life. She was, and still is, an inspiration for all women and men who want to fly.

Crystalle will perform "Adagio for Amelia Earhart" at the Endeavor AwardsCrystalle will perform “Adagio for Amelia Earhart” at the Endeavor Awards

This fascinating woman has also inspired Crystalle to take flight in a spell-bindingly different way. Working exclusively with the British choreographer Christina Comtesse a new concept and vocabulary of movement has been developed, using specially designed equipment built and developed by the technical team of the Seattle Opera House (USA). It is the only aerial act in the world on the subject of aviation, planes and pilots.

The Endeavor Award honorees were first nominated in an open call for individuals from 40 volunteer pilot organizations (VPOs) nationwide. From these original nominees, the Endeavor Awards Gala Host Committee selected a list of 13 Finalists. After the quantitative voting process, three inaugural Endeavor Award winners were selected. The winners will be announced and honored with their Endeavor Award at the event.

Passengers’ Feedback

After each mission, we send out a Mission Feedback Survey that passengers can fill out to share their experiences with the Mission Operations Team. For many patients traveling to and from treatment, transportation is a significant burden that could block their ability to receive the care that they need. Angel Flight West pilots can make a huge difference in passengers’ lives by volunteering their own skills and resources as pilots. Below are some recent comments from AFW Passengers!

Adrian – New Mexico

Adrian Duran flown by Kyle Scott 11.27.12

Without your service I probably wouldn’t be where I am with getting back to my life. All the pilots are all so kind and very professional . Angel Flight is a organization of all great people. Your center to make flights are all top notch. Thank you so much.


Lori  – Southern California

Hi Angels 🙂 I’m sooo grateful for your flights, ground angels, and your wonderful emotional support. It’s hard to say anything could have been better. It made a very difficult time for me so much easier to deal with. Also, I enjoyed the flights.


Pamela – Idaho

I’m so grateful for Angel Flight. I cannot sit that long… 60-90 minute flights are so much better than a 5 hour drive. The pilots always made me feel safe. It has been a great experience for me.


Daniel – Arizona

We have flown with Angel Flight West since 2011 and have always had great service… I’d like to thank all pilots that donate their time and planes, they’re my husband’s angels.


Noah – Northern California

Noah R flown by Christopher Bennett 3.14.14

The pilots and angel flight program were awesome. Every experience was absolutely wonderful. The pilots were very caring and made us feel very comforting in the sky and as well on the ground. God bless the pilots and angel flights.

Endeavor Awards Emcee: Sean Tucker

The Endeavor Awards Gala is an annual event honoring the pilots, individuals and support organizations, corporations and government agencies most responsible for providing Public Benefit Aviation. Please click on the link below to learn more about this incredible event from emcee Sean Tucker: Renowned Oracle Team Airshow Performer and Pilot!

Sean Tucker, Emcee, Endeavor Awards Gala

Sean is the U.S. National Advanced Aerobatic Champion, winner of numerous showmanship awards, inductee in the National Aviation Hall of Fame and the International Aviation Air and Space Hall of Fame, and an honorary Thunderbird, Blue Angel, and Golden Knight – to name a few. In August 2013 he was named Honorary Chairman of Young Eagles at the Gathering of Eagles at AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. “I love sharing the magic of flight. Once a person leaves the ground, it changes their perspective. It’s something they never forget. Whether or not they become a pilot, they have seen the world from angel’s eyes. It changes them profoundly. It’s uplifting, inspiring, empowering.”

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Chairman of the Endeavor Awards Gala, Mark Wolper

The Endeavor Awards Gala is an annual event honoring the pilots, individuals and support organizations, corporations and government agencies most responsible for providing Public Benefit Aviation. Please click on the link below to learn more about this incredible event from Chairman of the Endeavor Awards Gala, Mark Wolper.

Mark Wolper, Chairman, Endeavor Awards Gala

“Join Hollywood luminaries, shuttle astronauts and legendary aviators in honoring the volunteer pilots and organizations that fly sick kids to vital medical treatment, transport wounded warriors, take special needs kids to summer camps, donate environmental missions plus many more humanitarian flights. Hope to meet you there!”

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Angel Flight West “Auto Pilots” Kickstarter

The ultimate goal of Angel Flight West and its volunteers is helping people in need. In an effort to extend our services to even more people, we are seeking to add functionality to our existing mission coordination system to allow us to coordinate ground transportation in much the same way we coordinate the air transportation. We’ll connect passengers with volunteer drivers who will provide necessary ground transportation.


Auto-Pilots Project

We know that ground transportation is a barrier for many people. Even though our flights are free, and we cover 99% of the distance to their life-saving medical treatment, the cost of the “last mile” is preventing many people from utilizing our service and getting the help they need. It boils down to the cost of a cab ride. For many, the $25-$50 fare is too much, and they forego our free air transportation and the free medical treatment that’s available to them.

We currently have ‘Auto Pilot’ programs running in a few cities, formerly referred to as “Earth Angels”, so we know it works. We have a number of volunteer drivers, and have partnered with Rotary and Lions Clubs, as an example, to help with the coordination. But without a way to manage the coordination more efficiently, it is staff and time intensive and we can’t scale the program to other cities.

When the project is done, these organizations, plus others who adopt the software in the future, will be able to efficiently expand their outreach efforts to get the word out to more people in need.



It will cost $12,610 to add the necessary features to our current software (see Kickstarter page linked below for details on the use of funds). It will allow these organizations, and others in the future, to efficiently coordinate ground transportation throughout the country.

This project will not only benefit Angel Flight West, but many other Volunteer Pilot Organizations across the country. Collectively, these organizations fly more than 10,000 flights per year, and all feel the compelling need to fill the need for ground transportation as well.


Where you come in… 

Please visit our Auto-Pilots Kickstarter Page to learn more and to donate to this project.

If you think the project is cool, but don’t want to contribute, please help us get the word out and share this with your communities on social media. If you’re a pilot, volunteer to fly! If not, maybe you’d like to be a driver (once we get our system up and running). We need all kinds of help in all kinds of ways.