Angel Flight West Store

Welcome to the AFW Store via Land’s End. To order clothing and other items with the AFW logo please visit our store set up through Land’s End Business Outfitters. This store allows us to offer a variety of items for your enjoyment with the long time quality of the Land’s End name.

You can add our logo to any of the items pictured in our store. Just follow the easy directions.

Note: We love it when you wear your Angel Flight West merchandise, especially on missions and around the airport. However, please note that this is not a fundraiser. Your purchases through Land’s End do not monetarily benefit Angel Flight.

If you have a request for a particular clothing item (heavy jacket, down vest, t-shirt or any other item) please send your idea to us at and we will consider if we can add the item or not. We will not be able to accommodate all requests, but will review each one.

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