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Run for the Angels at RMMA on the RUNWAY! Sat. Oct. 7th, 2017

Join AFW for our Inaugural 5k Run
presented by our partner HDR in Broomfield, CO

Want to run on an airplane runway – here’s your chance! We are so excited to announce our Inaugural Run for the Angels 5k run/walk/ramble at Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport on Sat. Oct. 7th, 2017! All ages and race abilities are welcome. This one-of-a-kid experience is hosted by our title sponsor and community builder, HDR, in conjunction with their 100-year Anniversary! All funds raised will go towards AFW and our volunteer pilots’ efforts to deliver health and hope using donated flights to serve those with healthcare or other compelling human needs.


Every adult registration will be entered into a raffle for a chance to win a Private Plane Ride with an Angel Flight West pilot. Check out Denver and the surrounding areas with a birds-eye view!

Race Details:

  • Date: Saturday, Oct. 7, 2017
  • Time: 8 a.m. (runners); Joggers and walkers will follow the runners at start in 30-second intervals
  • Location: Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, 11755 Airport Way, Broomfield, CO 80021


  • Adults: $35 early-bird (before Aug. 15); $40 (Aug. 16-Oct. 6); $45 (race day registration)
  • Kids (under 13 years old): $10 anytime

Important Information:

  • Please arrive no later than 30 minutes before the start to pick up race materials (no pre-race packet pick-up available)
  • Parking will be available on-site at the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport
  • The race will be certified for accurate distance so come beat your personal best!

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Interested in sponsoring the event? See our sponsorship packages here or contact Mary Hunter at

Make Caring Easy: Options for Caregivers and Patients

Are you one of the 34.2 million people in America that is a caregiver? In many caring scenarios, the caregiver may find that they cannot provide what their loved one or patient needs. Sometimes the elderly member needs to travel to a location that is far away – be it a hospital, or to visit with family. In these situations, it can be difficult to find an airline or any means of transportation to deliver the person that you are caring for safely. 

If the senior citizen you are caring for faces difficult medical challenges that you are not equipped to handle on your own, there are ways to overcome these tough hurdles. Many organizations are available to assist you in ways you may not have thought possible, like our volunteer air travel at Angel Flight West.

Doing the right research can help you find any of the numerous programs available to assist caregivers, including:

  • Administration on Aging, which helps senior citizens find the means to live independently
  • National Respite Network, allowing caregivers to take a needed break
    Benefits Checkup, which researches the system of benefits available for your elderly patient
  • Family Care Navigator, a site that specializes in finding the care options in your geographic location

Along with these outstanding organizations, you can guarantee that the elderly person in your life has proper care, which will save you from worry. Awareness of the resources for senior caregivers will help you deliver the best treatment for the senior citizens in your life.

Good news for members who want to serve as Mission Assistant

In the past, finding opportunities to fly on Angel Flight West missions as a Mission Assistant has been a bit challenging. We’re working on a feature that will make it easier for Command Pilots and potential Mission Assistants to connect with each other.

The feature will be launched in a few weeks, but we wanted to give both Command Pilots and Mission Assistants advance notice on how the feature will work.

Currently, Command Pilots can indicate that they are interested in having a Mission Assistant when they submit a pilot request. Now, checking this box will trigger an email to potential Mission Assistants within a reasonable driving distance of the Command Pilot’s home base airport.

Potential Mission Assistants can respond to this email if interested in the flight. These responses are sent to the Command Pilot for review, and the Command Pilot can choose the most appropriate Mission Assistant for the mission.

How do we know that you’re a potential Mission Assistant? It’s a checkbox option in your Account Settings. For instructions on how to update your Account Settings, please review this help desk article.

We’ll be sending more information as launch approaches to provide more specific instructions. We look forward to your feedback, and we hope that these new features make it easier for Mission Assistants to find missions.

Log in using Facebook

You can now log into VPOIDS (formerly referred to as AFIDS) using your Facebook credentials. This makes the login process easier, and saves you from having to enter your VPOIDS username and password.

Facebook login works when the email address in your Facebook account matches the email in your VPOIDS account.

For complete instructions, please refer to this help desk article.

Give it a try today! Log in at

AFW has a new partner, especially for pilots: ZuluLog

ZuluLog is offering 10% discount to all AFW members and also a donation back to Angel Flight West with every purchase!

ZuluLog is a professional, cloud-based online pilot logbook system that can help you track flight hours, pilot currency and training, schedules, type ratings, flight and duty limits, rest requirements, certificates, medicals, and much more. ZuluLog is fully FAA-compliant and has multiple, secure data centers across North America. ZuluLog guarantees acceptance by employers and government agencies. The system is accessible via Web as well as apps for iOS and Android. Unlimited phone support is provided at no extra charge. Use code ZULUAFW  when ordering!

Here’s what their customers say:

ZuluLog is a great product and I’m a very enthusiastic supporter. –-Ed, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am loving your product and your service is outstanding. I will tell everyone I know to use ZuluLog. –Chris, Valley Village, CA

ZuluLog is a fantastic system. I’m recommending it to all my coworkers. –Riley, Edmonton, AB

Sign up today!! Use code ZULUAFW when ordering. (website is

Breaking News: 2017 Sketchers Performance LA Marathon + AFW

We are thrilled to announce that Angel Flight West has been selected as an Official Charity Partner of the Sketchers Performance Los Angeles Marathon for 2017! This program offers nonprofits the chance to increase awareness, raise funds and engage supporters.

For our first year, we decided to recruit participants for the LA Big 5K which takes place the day before the LA Marathon. What do we need from you? Only $40 to register and $350 in funds raised to enjoy a day of fun and giving back.

We are only 7 months away and time will pass quickly – so dust off your running shoes, get into shape and begin recruiting friends and family for a terrific AFW team building experience. All the funds raised will go towards increasing the number of missions that AFW provides.

Join us by registering here:

Register for the Los Angeles Big 5K Angel Flight West Team

Date: Saturday, March 18, 2017
Time: 8:00 AM Race Start
Place: Dodger Stadium
Registration information is forthcoming. Please place this event on your calendars!


Help support free medical transportation with a donation

What if you had a very sick baby and even though life saving medical care was available, it was far from your home and your family didn’t have the resources or the stamina to reach it?


Aimee, the loving Mom of a critically ill little boy, Christian, found a solution. Read her
“Top 10 Reasons why we love Angel Flight West”

10.Fly with AFW and learn to say “niner” instead of “nine.”

9.Christian’s immune system is weak and a commercial flight risked illness. So, it was a 15-hour road trip or AFW.

8.Unlike commercial airlines, AFW lets us bring a cooler of fortified breast milk and medication.

7.We could travel with oxygen tanks.

6.If Christian didn’t do well for any reason, AFW safely landed the plane.

5.The AFW pilot volunteered his time, plane and fuel costs, and was actually Christian’s grandpa’s cardiologist. Who could be better?

4.The views are incredible. Breathtaking. Our pilot was thrilled that AFW gave greater purpose to his beloved hobby.

3.I could send Google map locations, photos and texts during our AFW flight – even as we landed!

2.The AFW pilots flew on Christian’s schedule – even when we had to reschedule.

1.AFW helped us at one of the most stressful moments in our lives, giving us “the lift we needed” to take care of Christian.

Love, Aimee

As you count your own blessings at this time of year, please support AFW with your contribution so we can serve more passengers like the adorable baby Christian. This will give us “the lift we need” so we can help everyone who needs transportation to receive critically important medical treatment.

Your contribution makes it possible to:

  • Recruit volunteer pilots from all over the western states.
  • Get the word out to community services and medical providers that free air transportation is available to all those who need it.
  • Arrange the transportation of passengers to medical care, children’s special needs camps and other humanitarian services

Every dollar you contribute to Angel Flight is matched by four times that amount in donated expenses from volunteer pilots providing transportation to care that improves and saves lives.

Please send your contribution now. Little kids like Christian can’t afford to wait.


The Need for Angel Flight West Medical Transportation

Just like a for-profit company, the success of Angel Flight West is predicated on cost-effectively dealing with supply and demand. For us, the challenge is always having volunteer pilots (supply) available when a passenger (demand) needs transportation to medical treatment, but doesn’t have the resources to pay for it. 

After a period of decline, we are now seeing an increase in requests for our free medical transportation services.

There are several reasons for this increase. We updated our web site to make it easier to request flights online. We’re finding that more people are discovering us on their own using the internet, and researching their own transportation options rather than relying on their healthcare providers. Since our web update, we have seen more visits to the site  ( – and, most importantly – more visitors completing the process.

Another reason is a recent survey completed by Social Workers and Case Managers regarding our service.  Their input has provided insight into how we can enhance the process for requesting flights and we are implementing changes.   We are also doing more to publicize who we are and what we do…as exemplified by this Blog, as well as our Facebook and our Twitter presence.  And, we continue to encourage volunteers to “adopt-a-hospital”, establishing relationships in a facility who are familiar with Angel Flight West.

We are also seeing an increase in requests due to the Affordable Care Act.  More people now have insurance to pay for the care they couldn’t afford.   And, the nature of treatments are changing – providing new medicines and protocols to those who previously didn’t have hope.

All this means that we expect the demand for our services to grow in the coming years. So, we need to grow our “supply” of volunteer pilots as well. As a pilot there is nothing more rewarding than to be able to use our skill to help someone else.  Angel Flight West provides the opportunity for us to combine a passion for flight with a compassion for others. We encourage you to join the 1,400 members of Angel Flight West who make a difference more than 10 times each day. (Join now online!) I look forward to meeting you in 2014.

Alan Dias, Executive Director

The Spirit of Giving

During the holiday season, we are all reminded of what a joy it is to give, and also, how much joy a gift can bring. We’re a bit spoiled at Angel Flight West, since facilitating the giving of our volunteer pilots is our daily work. About 10 times each day, an Angel Flight West volunteer gives of himself or herself to provide transportation to someone else in need.

We’d like to share a letter that we received from a recent passenger as a reminder of how powerful and meaningful a gift can be. It was a great way for us to end the year, and we hope you enjoy it as well.

I am so incredibly grateful and humbled by people more often lately than I ever have in my life. If there is a bright side to cancer, it is that it can really reveal the true kindness and generosity of not only the people close to you, but of strangers-especially when we live in such a world today that is viewed as cruel and strangers not to be trusted. I am lucky enough to have witnessed a silver lining to that many times in the last couple of years that I have been battling cancer, but none so great involving complete strangers as my treatment situation 2 weeks ago.

My bi-monthly treatments for stage 4 Kidney Cancer take place through a study being done in L.A. I am living in Southern Utah, so getting to California every 2 weeks for my appointments can be quite a task. I try to drive, but I don’t have the best car to put all the wear and tear on and of course, along with hotel stay and food in California, the gas and occasional rental car costs can add up (not to mention taking that drive every other weekend is just plain tiring!) I am a recent college grad and also just moved away from my whole life in Chicago to Utah recently, so funds for all of these unforeseeable treatment costs aren’t exactly available to say the least. Needless to say, I need help. 

This is why I decided to submit to Angel Flight West to see if I could get ride every once in a while to treatments to save time and costs. My last treatment, I was lucky enough not only to have my father from Chicago there with me, but also that the wonderful Rod McDermott voluntarily picked up my request. We had a delightful, easy flight with this incredibly kind man and were able to get to L.A. in time for my appointment. Unfortunately, complications still often arise with these appointments. One was that we needed a place to stay for under $100 for the night (my treatment study will only reimburse up to $100/night for a hotel) and we were also worried that we would not have a way back home. The weather was bad, so no pilot could pick up my requested flight home, and renting a car in one state and driving it to another would create costs that I just could not afford. Even as a cancer patient, I also have to work, and I could not afford to wait out the the weather in California and stay for days until the storms passed. 

However, the generosity of strangers was about to surprise me again. Rod, my pilot, called the Westin Bonaventure and the gracious people at the beautiful hotel were able to accommodate my father and I for the night. Then Mark DiLullo, the owner of Threshold Aviation, got word of my situation and offered a private driver to take us back all the way to Southern Utah the next day. I could not believe my luck and the immense generosity of all of these people I had never met. I am so thankful that everything worked out so perfectly for me for this originally stressful appointment; I only wish that there was a way I could repay these amazing people and businesses.

What I can do at this moment is write this short letter, humbly thanking the people who were so selfless as to help me out: Angel Flight West, Rod McDermott, Mark DiLullo and Threshold Aviation, the Westin Bonaventure, and the incredibly kind man who drove us all the way from L.A. to California (I feel terrible that I cannot remember his name, because I will always remember his sweet personality and deed.) I only hope that others see this and know what good they did, what good people they all are. Again, thank you.


December 18 Photo Gallery

Enjoy some photos from some of our recent missions.

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