The Impact of Angel Flight’s work

We received this letter after our Santa Flight 2014, where Angel Flight West pilots delivered presents to an underprivileged school in rural Utah. (Read more about the Santa Flights here…). We felt that it gives a great perspective on the many ways that Angel Flight West pilots have an impact on their communities.

On behalf of our school, I would like to express our tremendous gratitude for all that has been done for our school. The school is still buzzing about it like it’s the most exciting event of their lives. Sadly, for some of our students it will be.

On a personal note, I want to tell you a story that happened just the day before our angel flight. In a nutshell, my job at the school is a combination of detention and being a counselor. I have one student that transferred to our school just a few months ago and came with a warning of how difficult he could be. I haven’t had a single problem with him up until then. The day before the landing he was sent to me and in a bad way. His teacher and I were baffled by what had triggered him. As I was looking in his desk looking for homework, I found an essay he had written a month before, but never turned in. He had written that he hated Santa, that Santa was stupid and not real,and that he was angry at Santa because the only gift he had ever gotten from Santa was when he was 2. All I can think is that this boy did not want to see Santa and be let down by him once again, so he was trying to get in enough trouble to have to miss the festivities the next day. I cried, thinking that the timing of things was perfect, this boy would in no way be forgotten this year!

Is also like to let you know this experience hasn’t just been amazing for the students, but for me as well. Two years ago my 14 year old daughter died quite suddenly. Her birthday was the day after Thanksgiving that year, and 9 days later she took her last breath. My husband and my 17th anniversary was in mid Dec and that year we spent it together standing in line at our daughters viewing. By this time I had already purchased all of my daughters gifts for Christmas that she would never open. We were able to find a girl, my daughters age that would not have had a Christmas that year, and have her or daughters gifts. Since then, neither of or my 4 other children have been able to enjoy the holidays at all. It’s painful to decorate for, irritating to hear the music, and hard to even see Christmas lights. Crying is a daily event, and tension is thick in our home. For the last 3 years Christmas has been a time I wish could be erased from the calendars.

Yesterday was amazing to witness. For the first time in 3 years, I enjoyed Christmas. It was impossible not to with the enormity of kindness and love brought to the students that I love so much. Two of those students are my own, they too have each commented that for them too, they finally liked Christmas again — even if it’s just for that one day.

Thank you for that. That is a gift to them I have been unable to give them.

~Jenelle L.