Passenger Survey Feedback

Volunteer pilot Jeffrey Siegel flew passenger Doulas from Salt Lake City UT to Moab UT.
Mission: 181598-1 on 10-03-2014
Passenger: Douglas H. (Post stem cell transplant (leukemia)

At one time I didn’t think there were good people left . I am so thankful for the pilots and you. You have found the best people ever that have chosen to share their time and tools to help others. All of you are amazing

Passenger Gary P. flown from Redding to Bend by Volunteer Pilot John Hayes.
Mission: 181323-1 on 09-10-2014
Passenger: Gary P. (Brain tumor);

the service is a Godsend!!!!

Pilot Hunter with passenger Ashley and her companion.
Mission: 181021-1 on 08-16-2014
Passenger: Ashley W. (Endometriosis and Breast cancer)

All of the pilots were incredibly sensitive to my post operative pain and were very helpful! Can’t stop raving about you guys!!! Definitely the biggest blessing in the entire trip!

Passenger Nancy is being flown from Oakland CA to Fresno CA by volunteer pilot Bill Vierra.
Mission: 179685-1 on 06-17-2014
Passenger: Nancy P. (Breast Cancer )

All flights have been wonderful, on time, in contact, no worries events. All pilots have been kind and friendly and happily told me all about the various controls that I asked about, out of curiousity.
I’m just waiting for a surgery date right now.

Leidy L on her way to treatment with AFW volunteer pilot Bill Vierra.
Mission: 179474-1 on 06-05-2014
Passenger: Leidy L. (Biliary Atresia, post-liver transplant);

More advanced notice would be helpful, but I know you sometimes aren’t able to provide that to families. Thanks for all you do!

Gabrielle C flown by AFW volunteer pilot Christophe Jacquet.
Mission: 179008-1 on 05-09-2014
Passenger: Gabrielle C. (Chronic pain, arthritis)

thank you!

Angelica M and mom on their flight home from treatment with AFW volunteer pilot Christophe Jacquet.
Mission: 178569-1 on 04-04-2014
Passenger: Angelica M. (Dwarfism & Diabetes)

Wonderful service. Great people. I greatly appreciate that this service was available to us. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

Noah R and father Javier on mission home from treatment at Oakland Childrens Hospital.
Mission: 178041-1 on 03-14-2014
Passenger: Noah R. (Morquio type A (Rare, serious birth defect))

The piolts and angel flight program were awesome. Every
experience was absolutely wonderful. The piolts were very
caring and made us feel very comforting in the sky and as
well on the ground. God bless the piolts and angel flights.

Rose S return flight with Charles Ivester.
Mission: 177413-1 on 01-29-2014
Passenger: Rose S. (Kidney Failure/Transplant )

I have endstage kidnet failure. My transplant will be done at Intermountain Meducal Center (where Angle Flight took Me). These updates with doctors and staff are imparative. Thank you so much. I have approximately 9 more months on the transplant

Miriam B flown home from treatment by John Pavlik.
Mission: 177502-1 on 01-27-2014
Passenger: Miriam B. (Cancer)

Winter weather makes things complicated, and not all trips happen as planned :-). Thank you for arranging a commercial flight for me for my southbound leg. The northbound trip over the Olympics took a few hours to get flyable weather, but wow what a trip!

Jason T
Mission: 176344-1 on 12-18-2013
Passenger: Jason T. (Marfan Syndrome)

With Marfan Syndrome, the treatments are ongloing for the rest of my life. Getting to UCSD for these treatments is the key to being able to function and walk at all. Thanks to the amazing Pilot!
and all the Angel Flight pilots, this happens!! Bless you.