Membership renewal

Angel Flight West asks all of our members to renew their membership each year, following the year in which they joined the organization.

If the time has come for you to renew your membership with Angel Flight, the best and easiest way to do that is online. Please log in to AFIDS.

Once you are logged in, there will be a link to the left hand side of your screen called Renew Your Membership. Click on that link to renew – there, you will walk through the renewal process. This is an opportunity for you to change any information regarding your membership, including contact information, pilot information, etc.

The annual renewal allows us to know and to track definitively who is and who isn’t an active member, as well as providing the mechanism for a pilot to affirm his/her annual commitment to abide by both the FARs as well as Angel Flight West’s policies and procedures.

As you renew, you will be asked to read and agree to the Pilot Affirmation (revised 7-22-2010).

If you have questions regarding your renewal, please contact Member Services at 310-390-2958 or

Requirements for Annual Membership Renewal

AFW believes that its pilots should maintain proficiency in their flying to function as Command Pilots on AFW missions. AFW has set the following proficiency standards that must be affirmed by the Command Pilot annually when renewing his/her membership:

  1. Affirmation that the pilot has flown at least 50 hours total time within the previous 12 months. If the total time minimum has not been met, then affirmation is required that the pilot has received a flight review per FAR 61.56 within the preceding 12 months. Participation and receipt of one Phase in the FAA Wings program will suffice, if completed within the previous 12 months (Wings Phase completion also resets flight review clock per FAR 61.56 (e)).
  2. Affirmation of insurance coverage in effect.