Passenger Qualifications

Free Medical Transportation with Angel Flight West

Over our 30+ year history, we have helped thousands of people get the transportation they need, and we look forward to assisting you with your travel needs.

Angel Flight West is a charitable organization whose mission is “to arrange free air transportation on private aircraft and commercial airline partners in response to health care and other compelling human needs.”

Si necesita transportación para tratamientos médicos u otras razones de fuerza mayor pero no puede pagar por este tipo de servicio; es muy posible que nosotros podamos ayudarle. Por favor llámenos y nos dará gusto contestar cualquier pregunta. Llame al número gratuito: (888) 426-2643.

Requesting a flight is easy. A few notes before we start:

  • There is never a charge of any kind for an Angel Flight
  • We are not an air ambulance. Passengers must be medically stable, able to walk, sit up in a seat with a seat belt fastened around them. We will need a medical release from your physician.
  • We require a minimum of one week notice.
  • Our flights are generally 1,000 mile or less, but we can sometimes accommodate longer flights, especially if you live in Alaska.
  • You must have a financial need or a compelling reason why you can’t use public transportation. The costs of these flights are donated by pilots as a charitable contribution.
  • If you have questions, please call (888) 4-AN-ANGEL.

If you meet the criteria above, and already have an appointment scheduled, you can request a mission online. Otherwise, for general information or to see if you qualify, please call (888) 4-AN-ANGEL.