Service Description for Alaska Passengers

Alaska Airlines Partnership 

In addition to private pilots using their own aircraft to transport passengers to and from medical treatment, Angel Flight West has a partnership with Alaska Airlines to provide transportation for residents of the state of Alaska to seek medical treatment within the state of Alaska or to the Lower 48.

Alaska Airlines is a generous donor and provides hundreds of tickets to help patients get to necessary medical treatment.  AFW will coordinate travel on Alaska Airlines for those qualifying for the program.  Requests must be made by a referring medical agency, doctor’s office, hospital social worker or other entity.  For Alaska Airlines referral documents, please call our office at 310-390-2958.

If a passenger within the Lower 48 cannot meet the criteria of flying in a non-pressurized general aviation aircraft or weather conditions cancel a smaller aircraft flight, Alaska Airlines may also offer some assistance. Please verify with the Angel Flight West coordination staff.

Alaska Airlines has named Angel Flight West as one of its charities to receive donated mileage from mileage plan customers. To donate miles to Angel Flight West, please click here.