Command Pilot Orientation

In order for Angel Flight West members to fly missions as a Command Pilot, he or she must complete an online orientation, which serves as a review of our policies and procedures. The online orientation is self-paced and available on demand.

Start your Online Command Pilot Orientation here.

While we prefer to conduct the orientation online, orientations can also be done in person with one of our orientation volunteers if necessary. You can search for orientation volunteers on the AFIDS site, or by sending an email to

How to Prepare for Your Command Pilot Orientation

Orientation Getting Started guide.

Please note that you will need to meet all the minimum requirements for command pilot status at the time of the orientation, so please review those before starting your online orientation. There are several documents you should be familiar with before your orientation. Documents are available on the Member Resources Page. Prior to your orientation, please review the AFW Command Pilot Checklist and Safety Above All Else Documents.

In addition, please have the following personal documents:

  1. Pilot logbooks
  2. Dates of flight review
  3. Documentation of total time and cross-country PIC time
  4. Copy of Certificate of Insurance indicating minimums of $500,000 per incident and 100,000 per seat. This certificate is needed for owner-operated as well as rented airplanes (FBO or flying club).

After your Orientation

When you fly an Angel Flight West passenger, you are the Angel Flight West Command Pilot for that flight. That means you are responsible for the flight, and for adhering to Angel Flight West’s policies and procedures.

After the orientation, when you are granted the designation of Angel Flight West Command Pilot, it is your responsibility to ensure that you continue to meet all of Angel Flight West’s ongoing qualifications before accepting or piloting a flight. You will be required to sign an affirmation to this effect as part of your annual membership renewal.