Passenger Qualifications

Like our pilots, passengers must also meet certain requirements to qualify for an Angel Flight West mission.

Medical Requirements

All passengers must be medically stable, ambulatory, and able to board a small aircraft on their own without assistance. We secure a medical release from a physician when a passenger is vetted, and again any time their medical condition changes substantially. The physician affirms that the passenger meets these requirements, and also that the passenger can safely fly in a non-pressurized environment.

Our flights are not air ambulances, and we do not expect our pilots to provide anything other than their services as a pilot and general compassion.

Financial or Compelling Need

Angel Flight West flights are flown by volunteer pilots who donate their time as well as the costs of the flight. These costs can amount to hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars. Angel Flight West is a charitable service serving people in need. Our pilots are making these contributions because they want to help people. Compelling need might also include persons who are immuno-compromised or can’t fly commercially for other reasons.

All of our passengers are screened by the Angel Flight West staff to determine the compelling need for a charitable flight.

We recognize that the costs of medical care, lost wages, and providing care can deplete a family’s resources. Passengers don’t need to be desperate or destitute to qualify, we simply want to make the best use of our limited resources and the pilot’s donation.

Liability Waiver

We also require that passengers and their companions all sign a waiver of liability prior to each flight. Obtaining the signature is covered in the mission orientation process. This waiver protects both you and the organization each time you provide charitable transportation services for our passengers.

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