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Hear From Our Passengers

Want to hear what our passengers have to say about Angel Flight West?

Check out some reviews below, and then head over to our Passenger Survey Feedback page to see more!

Mission: 181598-1 on 10-03-2014 Passenger: Douglas H. (Post stem cell transplant (leukemia)
At one time I didn’t think there were good people left . I am so thankful for the pilots and you. You have found the best people ever that have chosen to share their time and tools to help others. All of you are amazing
Volunteer pilot Jeffrey Siegel flew passenger Doulas from Salt Lake City UT to Moab UT.  
Mission: 181323-1 on 09-10-2014 Passenger: Gary P. (Brain tumor)
the service is a Godsend!!!!
Passenger Gary P. flown from Redding to Bend by Volunteer Pilot John Hayes.  
Mission: 181021-1 on 08-16-2014 Passenger: Ashley W. (Endometriosis and Breast cancer)
All of the pilots were incredibly sensitive to my post operative pain and were very helpful! Can’t stop raving about you guys!!! Definitely the biggest blessing in the entire trip!
Pilot Hunter with passenger Ashley and her companion.  
Mission: 179685-1 on 06-17-2014 Passenger: Nancy P. (Breast Cancer)
All flights have been wonderful, on time, in contact, no worries events. All pilots have been kind and friendly and happily told me all about the various controls that I asked about, out of curiosity. I’m just waiting for a surgery date right now.
Passenger Nancy is being flown from Oakland CA to Fresno CA by volunteer pilot Bill Vierra.  
Read more at http://www.angelflightwest.org/donate/passenger-survey-feedback

AFW Kickstarter – We Still Need Help!

We need your help! We’re participating in a Kickstarter project that will enable us to expand our ground transportation services. The cost of a cab is preventing many of our passengers from seeking the treatment they need. This fundraiser would allow for critical enhancement to open source software used by 10 charities that would enable scheduling of volunteer drivers who drive their on cars. We have 22 days left to reach our fundraising goal so that we can help more people.

If you are not able to donate at this time, please help us spread the word about this project through social media on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, or any other website you may use to connect with friends and family. 

Please check out our video  about the program below .

Auto-Pilots Video 

To learn more about the project and to donate, please visit our kickstarter page: