Financial Details

Funding Sources

Angel Flight West is privileged to have varied sources of funds to support its growth. The chart below shows a balance of revenue from individuals, foundations and community organizations, and events. Note that member dues were eliminated in 2014.


How Funds are Spent

Like most social service organizations, Angel Flight’s biggest expense is personnel. The staff consists primarily of coordination and coordination support, which is the crux of our operation and how we create impact.

The chart titled, “Agency Spending, by Function” shows expenses when in-kind services (the value of the services provided by the pilots and airline partners) are considered. This chart illustrates the efficiency of the organization in terms of the percentage of funds which go directly to providing service (program expenses).

The chart titled, “Agency Spending,” shows the detail of spending not considering the in-kind services.

Slide5AFW Expense Breakdown

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about the finances of the organization. Please contact Angel Flight’s Executive Director, Josh Olson at (310) 390-2958.