Getting Started Documents

AFIDS – Logging On and Getting Started

AFIDS – Using the Missions Available List


AFIDS gives members access to mission and member information. To log on, you need a username and password. If you already have one, enter them to log in. If you do not, you can create your own by clicking the link at the bottom of the login screen. You will need your Angel Flight ID number assigned to you when you joined, as well as your last name and zip code as you entered in your application.

The menu bar on the left in AFIDS shows the links for functions that are available to you. Many of them are described below.

Available Missions

You can view a list of available missions on the AFIDS web site. From there, you can request to fly a mission, either as a command pilot or as a mission assistant. You can also sign up for a twice-weekly email that lists available missions. To subscribe to this list, click on the “Account settings” link in the top right corner of the page.

Mission Logistics

Here are a few reminders about the mission process:

  1. Once you have been assigned a mission (as confirmed by a coordinator), please contact the passenger directly and work out the pickup or drop-off logistics.
  2. If you need to cancel a mission for any reason, please contact the office immediately.
  3. Bring a waiver form with you to pick up the passenger. Also bring a stamped envelope with Angel Flight’s address. The waiver form must be signed by the passenger (or passenger’s guardian) and as well as any companions, and mailed before the flight. Do not carry the waiver with you on the mission.
  4. Present the passenger with the Welcome Aboard Card.
  5. Take a photo if you have the passenger’s permission.
  6. Upon completion of the mission, promptly file a mission report. You can file your report online in AFIDS (see instructions below).
  7. If you have a photo, please log into AFIDS and use the link to upload mission photos in the left column

Repeat steps 1-5 above as often as you can, and enjoy your mission!

Accessing and Changing Your Personal Data

Once you have logged on to AFIDS, you can view or edit your personal data. It is very helpful to do so when your address, phone numbers, or email address changes to make sure that we can always get in touch with you.

Click the link to “Account Settings” in the top right corner of each page which brings up the information we have currently in our database.  Choose the information you want to change, and click the edit link (pencil icon) to change that data.

Accessing Your Scheduled Missions

You can look up pending missions for which you have been scheduled as a PIC, or review past missions you flew. This display gives the particulars of the mission, including contact information for the requester and the passenger. Reviewing past missions allows you to confirm that your mission reports were received.

To review your pending missions, log on to AFIDS. Click on the link to “Mission Summary” in the left column under “Tools.”

Filing mission reports

Filing your mission reports online saves the office staff time, and it saves you time as well. The data from the mission record is pulled into the mission report form, so often times you only need to add your hobbs time.

To file your mission report online, log on to AFIDS. Click on the link to “File mission report” in the left column under “Tools.” All of your mission legs for which there are outstanding mission reports are listed for you. Click the “File report” link to fill out the mission report form for that mission leg. Repeat this process for each of the mission legs you have flown.  You will also receive a statement at the end of the year showing the hours you have flown for Angel Flight West.

A few notes about mission reports:

  1. If your mission was cancelled, please do not fill out a mission report. Please let the office staff know by phone as soon as possible. If the mission appears in your list, it’s because the staff is not aware that the mission has been cancelled.
  2. Enter the hobbs time for the whole trip, not just the flight segments where the passenger was on board.
  3. Sometimes the date of the mission changes, for example, if you delay a flight due to weather. Enter the new date in the mission report form. The listing will continue to show the scheduled date.