Getting Started

Applying for membership

To apply, simply complete the online application. Our staff will review and process your application within a day or so, and provide you with a member number. With that number, you can log on to our mission coordination system and begin your online mission orientation.


Who can join?

We welcome everyone to become a member of Angel Flight West. To fly missions as a command pilot, we require that pilots meet certain minimum qualifications, the principal requirement being a minimum of 250 hours as PIC. If you’re building toward these requirements, you can join and participate in Angel Flight West as a mission assistant or in a number of other ways.

Online Mission Orientation process

Once you’re a member, if you wish to fly missions as a Command Pilot, you must complete your online orientation . The purpose of this orientation is to familiarize you with the Angel Flight process. This is simply a ground orientation; there is no flight involved.  The orientation is conducted entirely online and is self-paced and available anytime on demand. Once you have been signed off as a command pilot, there is no further review of your qualifications; making sure that you meet our requirements each time you fly an Angel Flight West mission is up to you, as outlined in the affirmation, described below.

You may schedule to connect with a “mentor pilot” at any time during or after the orientation process. To find a Mentor Orientation Volunteer in your area, you can email, or you can search online for Mission Orientation Volunteers in your area (login required to search online).


The affirmation you sign during your mission orientation is a very important document. By signing it, you agree that you are responsible for knowing and understanding all our requirements and that you meet them each time you fly an Angel Flight West mission. Don’t meet the requirements at the moment? No problem, just don’t accept a flight as Command Pilot until you do.

Non-pilot volunteers

We have numerous opportunities for non-pilot volunteers. If you’re interested in helping out in any of these capacities, please contact the office at (310) 390-2958, or send an email to

  • Mission assistants
  • Ground transportation
  • Wing leadership
  • Outreach